lundi 7 novembre 2011

Challenge TAKE A WORD N'oubliez pas de cliquer pour agrandir les images.


The theme of this week is "Sewing".
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  1. It's beautiful! And I love your Barbie-series too. Unique.

  2. Beautifully done, Sim! So much to see :)

  3. What a gorgeous sewing room Sim! I love the animal prints dotted around. Very clever and beautiful work.xx

  4. olá, vim retribuir a gentileza da postagem recado meu blog,
    formidavel Trabalho de Postagem sua!

    barbie.. coitadas das suas lindas barbies...
    ohhh também matei muitas barbie na Minha infância!!!

  5. More than beautiful Sim. Gorgeous combination. Fabulous work.
    lovely greet Marja

  6. so many great elements... and i see the cat feels very comfortable here;)

  7. Oh, Sim, this is absolutely exquisite! I want to walk into that lovely room and peek at everything there! Beautiful!

  8. I love ...i love ..i looooove it !!!!!!
    it is so perfect !!!!!!
    gros bisous ma Sim!!!!!

  9. This is stunning! Beautiful work!

  10. This is exquisite Sim. I love the many details and sense of depth and texture. penny

  11. Oh Sim this is just extraordinary I love this wonderful vintage inspiration. So beautiful and so well done...a standing ovation for you!!!

  12. I just love the colours you have chosen, a very rich collage of images.

  13. I take a deep bow Sim !! What an marvelous layered composition and scenery !!! BRAVOOO
    About a Qmask...
    I've wrote once a tutorial how to do it. You can read it here,

    Please note that i'm NOT a professional tut writer okay ? LOL
    Succes !!!

  14. Thank you all sweet hearts!
    PS: Noone seamed to notice the finger & the blood drop on it?!

    9 novembre 2011 19:24