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 'Layer it ... blend it' at Our Midweek Muse

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La fée Clochette de Loisel

'Peter Pan' at Sunday Postcard Art

I present to you Tinkerbell by Régis Loisel, one of my favorite French cartoonists (yes, it's not just Disney who can design the great classics...).

Je vous présente la fée Clochette de Régis Loisel, l'un de mes dessinateurs français préférés (eh oui, il n'y a pas que Disney qui peut designer les grand classiques...).

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'Dressform or sewing' at Sunday Postcard Art

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'Circus time' at Our midweek Muse

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Je suis de retour...

'Bad hair day' at Our Midweek Muse

Frances Clayton

I confess that I cheated, it is the same person. But I wanted to introduce her to you.

Meet Frances Clayton
She disguised herself as a man and took the name Jack Williams in order to fight in the army. For several months, she served in Missouri artillery and cavalry corps.

TITLE Soldier
WAR & AFFILIATION Civil War / Union
DATE OF BIRTH - DEATH c. 1830 – Unknown

For the curious:

dimanche 28 août 2022

Coucou, juste un petit mot pour dire que mon ordinateur est en panne...

 Hello, just a quick note to say that my computer is down (at least a week). 

Too bad, I had prepared all the challenges...

Anyway, see you soon my friends.

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'Making memories' at Our Midweek Muse

My little sister (right) and I (left) last summer.