mardi 1 septembre 2015

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  1. They are very expressive persons - or birds - I like that I can deside myself ;-) Fabulous art piece, Sim.

  2. hallo Sim,
    what do i see? Intellectuel sultans. parrots with monocle. The egg of a circus-evening-filling programm. edle stoffe. edle farben.
    hats of vornehme madams.

    Mittelalter, Tropen, beginning night.
    evergreen trees without green.
    I sample:
    a great wall-woven-picture. in a castle. in a modern temple for tourists in egypt...
    I could tell an evening filling story in mixed languages.
    Herzlich Pippa, who admires this very, very much.

  3. Ah, Sim, you always entertain your Blog friends and stun them with your incredible artwork. I love your birds to which you have given new life. Their costumes are amazing and the monocle is perfect. Fabulous.

  4. coming to your blog i see you are going bird-crazy;) such fantastic collages you made! i always love These animal/human creatures and you make them look so natural you really think they could exist this way. awesome Background in my beloved cerulean blue! a stunning Piece.
    thanks so much for your comment on my blog, you made my day!!!
    i´m not coming around so much any more since i quit taking part in some challenges. i feel i have to go my way, which often doesn´t fit into These themes...

  5. I just kept scrolling from one beautiful piece to another, Sim. Your creative muse was working overtime, and each piece is more incredible than the one before. Wonderful, wonderful work! BRAVO

  6. Another piece of artistic wizardry this is gorgeous and so very clever.

  7. Oh how I have missed you and your art, my friend! Brilliant!

  8. What a lovely stroll through your artwork, Sim. You have such a fabulous talent, my friend.