lundi 3 octobre 2011

Challenge TAKE A WORD N'oubliez pas de cliquer pour agrandir les images.

Et voilà!

Tous mes remerciements à Rian ("MOI" Freubel) de "RIANDESIGN"
pour m'avoir invitée à participer à ce challenge.
Vous trouverez son lien en bas de page.
Pour voir tous les participants aux challenges de "TAKE A WORD",

16 commentaires:

  1. Superb, Sim, you have some wonderful art on your blog!

  2. Thank you very much ladies!
    Judy, I love your work too!

  3. YEAH, You did it Sim !!
    And I'm looking forward to see more and more of your beautiful art ! I'm so happy you joined and bet you will be inspired by my dear friends!

    Gues what, I'm your first follower. Through my blogger dashbord I can see from now on directly when you post a new item. :-)
    Well done my friend, I'm soooo proud of you !!
    xxx Rian

  4. What a great saying and love this piece, a wonderful and thoughtful creation
    hugs June x

  5. Welcome to Take A Word challenge, Sim, and thank you for sharing this delightful piece of wall art. Loving that quote by the way. :D

  6. Thank you so much hunies!
    You're so sweet!
    Rian, I'm happy & proud you're my first follower!!

  7. Welcome to Take a Word! Your wall art is unique and creative...and just a bit quirky. Well done! So glad Rian steered you here!

  8. Ma Sim
    Just think now,how is wonderful that always remember the most beautiful small details from the past.
    A move,the wind in leaves of a tree
    some sounds,
    or perfume scents and colors!
    my Sweet Friend Sim
    thank you for this very pleasant
    emotional flashback!
    hugs !!!!

  9. Thank you very much Indybev!
    Yes, I'm a bit quirky...
    as a naughty crab ;)

    My Liza
    Certains souvenirs sont plus agréables que d'autres mais ils sont tous si précieux...
    Merci pour ton si joli commentaire & plein de gros bisous à toi!!

  10. This is a little bit sassy and extra-fun! BTW, love your pin-ups.

  11. Hi Christine!
    Thank you for your sweet comment!
    I've had to check "sassy" into the dictionnairy ;)
    And I don't know BTW...
    My english is not good at all.
    And I'm a beginner on blogland.
    Anyway, I kiss you with pleasure.

  12. I sure hope that crab doesn't bite! Fun picture! All of your work here looks wonderful.

  13. Thanks a lot Bill!
    I'm so happy you like my work!
    And I'm happy too that there is a man around here!!
    This crab doesn't bite, it is just playing...:)

  14. I couldn't leave a comment before for some reason. Your work is just gorgeous Sim! xx

  15. Thanks a lot June!
    All these sweet comments give me lots of encouragements to continue my way and, above all, to continue showing my images.