mercredi 21 décembre 2011

It's raining feathers!
Where are they?

The answer was: I've reached the limits of blogger capacity.
Thanks to Peacock for helping me!
I don't know yet the solution.
I try to post this one...
See all the angels at The Three Muses

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  1. Option possible et de qualité pour héberger tes images, mais payante (qques dollars par an) au delà de 200 images, c'est Flickr.
    Picasa propose aussi de payer pour augmenter ta capacité de stockage.
    : )

  2. Beautiful work as always. So sad you are leaving and hope to see you again soon.

  3. Hi Sim!
    Every new gmail account has its own Google Docs account. Also its own Picasa account.
    You start by creating another gmail with its own blog (then make sure it can never be visited--this will be a storage space blog, not to be visited).
    Then return to your blog and find "Permissions."
    Then you can give the NEW gmail + blog account permission to WRITE for or add content to your original blog.
    We have had to do this 4 times now.
    Otherwise, no new pictures could we post at PPS.
    If you look closely at who posts each post at PPS, you will find "versailles laundrette" or "Roux Deluxe."
    These were gmail + blog accounts created separate from PPS, but which have Permission to add to PPS.
    Which means all their Google Docs and Picasa memory space belongs to PPS.
    It only takes a short time to do this, but it means we get to keep on blogging!
    Take care.
    Enjoy your 20 days' journey!

  4. Your angel is spectacular, Sim. I enjoy your work so much. I look forward to seeing you after the new year. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. I adore your fabulous feathers Sim this is a delight and just the type of angel I would be my wings moulting all over the
    Have a wonderful holiday and take care I look forward to seeing you and your extraordinary artwork again in the New Year.

  6. Your Angel is spectaculer. It is fabulous.
    Have a happy Christmas and for the new year all the health, warmth and love.
    Lovely greet

  7. Magnifique création !
    un grand bravo !

  8. Outstanding I simply adore this picture.!!!

  9. Fantastic angel, Sim!

    Happy Holidays to you :)

  10. hi hi, whar a nice and funny angel.
    merry holidays to you

  11. Lovely presentation!

    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas ad a Happy New Year.

  12. She is a beauty, Sim!
    I hope your blog problems get sorted then we can see more of your art!
    Happy Holidays1

  13. This fabulous piece of art made me smile, Sims! Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  14. ROSE said:
    Sim: Oh, yes! I've run into that problem before.
    It's easy to resolve.
    Simply create new gmail accounts as you need more space.
    You may add each one in "Permissions" at your blog.
    I'm right here to offer suggestions if you need any!

  15. Chère PEACOCK, Je te remercie du fond du cœur de ta réactivité, de ta générosité & de ton amitié!
    Je souhaite le meilleur & de très belles fêtes pour toi et tous ceux que tu aimes!
    Mille bises!

    Dear ROSE, I thank you sooooo much for beeing here & helping me!
    You're such a sweet heart!
    I wish all the happiness possible to you & yours!
    Huge hugs!

    Dear TALUULA, thank you very much my friend!
    I'll be back in about 20 days...
    I'll miss you too!
    I wish you & yours have a beautiful & joyful Xmas time!
    Big kisses!