jeudi 19 janvier 2012


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  1. GORGEOUS Sim, love it!!!!!
    The elegant ladies - beautiful and the dog so stylich.
    Lovely greet

  2. Parfait!!!! Elegance & Charm !
    J'adore ces couleurs!!!
    Bravoooo ma Sim!!!

  3. Chère Marja, chère Liza,
    Heureusement que vous êtes là...
    Presque cent visites aujourd'hui, et deux commentaires, les vôtres.
    Merci de grand cœur mes fidèles amies!
    Pleins de bises!

  4. Cheri Sim,
    Thanks for your comment and indeed Sim the bowls stays for dreedom of mind. To climb out of the sorrow and pain. Very spriritual I mean. You have understand it how my feelings are in this painting. And Sim i don't disappear from your followerlist. Click on plus and then suivant. I stay on the second page (nr.9)
    Sent you my love

  5. Here I am back again. No it is not me who disappear. I say on page two when you click on plus above your followelist and than click below this list on suivant. But I have changed my picture maybe therfor you think I disappear. When you tell from the first follower on your list, I am number 9 (gris hair grrr). Let me know if you can find me.
    And Sim sometimes disappears some people from my list and later on they aare back. That problem lays bij Blogger.
    I hope you can understand me!!!! And i hope eveything will be allright. I see that you have 31 followers on this time. Is that correct?
    You can email me also: my address is:
    Big kisses

  6. Beautifully composed artwork with lovely characters, colors and elements. Very pleasing to view :)