mardi 3 avril 2012


QP "Coquelicots"

Ça y est les coquelicots sont revenus et avec eux ma joie de sentir à nouveau le chaleur sur ma peau...

5 commentaires:

  1. This is great and really Spring Sim. Sooo beautiful and vibrant colors.
    hugs Marja x

  2. my Sim
    I am very busy these days,
    and don't have time even to post on my blog,
    but today
    when I came home from my work,
    I entered in your blog
    and i found here ,so many beautiful works!
    many many kisses!!!

  3. I love the rich colour of these flowers, Sim. Thank you!

  4. so beautiful and thank you so much!!

  5. I took a copy, do not know, if I will use it, but "me gusta"!
    Herzlich Pippa