samedi 7 juillet 2012

Don't forget to clic (twice) to see images in their real size!

Here is the first work with the 'In the woods' Collages sheets of Rian

And there are the Collage sheets of this month at Rian Design
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5 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for your time Sim !!!
    I know it's limited for you right now and I appreciate this so much !!
    You created such a happy playground for the gnomes ! It makes me smile every time I see it !!!
    Big hugss for you my friend XXX

  2. They wonderful little gnomes and those botanicals I can see that are all going to have fun.
    Your first design is so full of life. Bravo

  3. beautiful and fantasic scene you have create Sim. Marvelous
    Lovely greet and a nice day

  4. oh look at them having such much fun in the woods .... love it