dimanche 6 juillet 2014

Freebie Vintage Butterflies PNG

'Butterflies' at TAKE A WORD

Some Butterflies I cut out (or re-cut) in 300 DPI.
For you if you need them :)
Whit or without shadows.
Clic twice!

12 commentaires:

  1. She is terrific! A brilliant idea create all thehe butterfly figures onto such clever places. Love this, Sim!

  2. MAGNIFIQUE! Such a clever and creative use of butterflies, Sim. A stunning piece of art.

  3. Oh Sim, your butterfly piece is stunning. SUPERB work!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful array of butterflies!!

  4. She's stunning in her butterfly outfit and magnificent butterfly-hair! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing your stash of butterflies.

  5. A beautiful piece dear Sim. Love your shadowed butterfly and thank you for all those gorgeous images! xx

  6. your collage is a masterpiece of digital art! i totally love every detail!! thanks so much for sharing all the butterflies.
    oh, and "actias luna" is the biologist´s (latin) name for "luna moth"

  7. This is outstanding, Sim! And thanks for the wonderful butterflies!

  8. Wow Sim..gorgeous..she is divine and visually decadent..what a stunning beauty...she feels full of energy and empowerment...a wonderful meditative image..she feels like a magical guide to journey with on adventure!! Love all of the butterfly..amazing!
    I love visiting you..always magical!

  9. I knew there would be something wonderful from you, Sim, and I wasn't disappointed. Amazing.