samedi 21 mai 2022

'Keys' à Sunday Postcard Art

'Keys' at Sunday Postcard Art 

La beauté rehaussée de naïveté est ineffable,
et rien n'est adorable comme une innocente éblouissante
qui marche tenant en main, sans le savoir, la clef d'un paradis.
Victor Hugo

Remise des clefs à saint Pierre de Le Pérugin.
Delivery of the Keys to Saint Peter by Perugino

Les clefs de la ville de La Rochelle.
The keys to the city of La Rochelle

6 commentaires:

  1. Wow, great set of art pieces for the challenge theme. - Anne

  2. Wow, you really out did yourself these are amazing. I like the quote with your lovely little girl. The second one is unique and wonderful, I love the effect you have achieved. And great collage work on the third...well done.
    I miss all our wonderful challenges so I may start doing multiple pictures too.
    Wishing you warm days and many flowers. Big Hugs too

  3. all three are incredible. the first is lovely and precious (such a great quote!); the second is so alive; the third is just pretty and offers so much to see. well done! xo

  4. these are lovely! my favorite is the second how it almost appears 3D. lovely work.

  5. These are amazing, Sim. The quiet tonal contrast in the first adds such wonderful impact to the image and quote. And I'm loving the 3D effect in the second one - that key literally jumps off the page with St. Peter's joy. The third one has my eye moving around, returning to every area to take it all in. Masterful work, my friend! xo