mardi 28 juin 2022

Quelque chose de vintage

'Something vintage' at The three Muses

Unidentified woman in a rare tinted (and tarnished) daguerreotype c.1852

6 commentaires:

  1. I love it , and the two paths we took, me to restoration and you focusing on and intensifying the photo and it's vintage beauty. Frankly I like yours best. The wonderful layers and combination of details it is truly amazing. A huge ovation from me.
    Wishing you peace and happiness for you and yours. Hugs by the boat load my friend..

  2. Sorry Sim, I'm not an anonyme!
    Anyway, your portrait is beautiful, conventions.
    Enjoy the summer 🌺💚

  3. Oooooh, this is lovely, Sim. I've found the odd distressed photo in thrift shops and, like your piece, have been engrossed by the possibility of the stories behind the image. You've done a masterful job with this one! Sending major kudos, my friend.

  4. Miss Sim, I am absolutely blown away. Absolutely, totally fabulous, my friend.