mardi 12 avril 2022

'Eggs' ( PAX IN TERRA ) at The Three Muses

'Eggs' at The Three Muses

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  1. Sim - with the help of my favourite online dictionary, I'll give it a try in french (which I unfortunately don't know at all ...)
    Tout simplement génial et comme toujours très intelligemment réalisé, toi le maître des pixels.
    Happy & sunny easter, with some good "easter eggs" in the nest wishes you Katrin

  2. I am blown away by this and find it interesting that our pictures are so similar in layout. I love this, it has a certain peace about it and is also very beautiful. I will swap you hand for hand. Have a warm and wonderful Easter, best wishes and hugs.

  3. OMG this is totally "out of the box". Luv it!!!

    Mine is


  4. An original take on the the theme. Maybe I'm stupid but can't understand the idea.
    Background is fine.
    Have joyful sunny Easter🐰🐣❤️

    1. Sirkkis, this is an offering, a wish, a message, a prayer, a hope for peace on Earth, fractured in these days both blessed and awful; unfortunately the egg is also fractured...
      The representation is large enough to be able to interpret it according to your faith or your convictions, but the heart is there.

  5. What a gorgeous take on the theme, Sim...that hand/egg/map combination speaks of the fragility we're experiencing on the planet right now. I am in awe.

  6. Sometimes, Miss Sim, you take my breath away with your wonderful art. This just fabulous! Happy Easter, my friend.