mardi 9 août 2022


'Underwear' at The Three Muses

8 commentaires:

  1. Hallelujah Sim is back with her fabulous artwork... Well done my friend, I have missed you. Hugs a plenty!

  2. Hello Sim, your work is modern, beautifully and well layered.
    You visited my place as an anonym - thanks for the kind comment - several people in Blogger have had that problem. The solution is that you accept all cookies (, too), and up date the Chrome browser (if you have it). Google has informed these rules already a couple of months ago. If you don't have it, I don't know the reason. One of my visitors has Firefox browser and she has always change it to Chrome, for commenting on my blog.
    I hope your summer is going enjoyable without too hot weather xx

    1. Hello Sirkkis, and thank you. In fact, I had just forgotten to log in...

  3. I'm grinning from ear to ear over this one, Sim - it's outstanding. What a knockout take on lingerie...I just want to go out and get some. Beautifully done, Sim, and welcome back!!

  4. Well, Miss Sim, just what I would expect from you .... something creative, wonderful and totally fantastic.