mardi 25 avril 2023

Just an old drawing of mine...

Just for saying I don't forget you, my blogfriends. 

3 commentaires:

  1. Hello dear Sim. Nice to hear about you. Yore art is stunning. How are you? I've been busy just now: my older sister died, and I am only who can handle all the matters that this kind of thing causes. Otherwise I'm well.
    I wish you have happy Spring and upcoming Summer time,

  2. Ens portes dos bons regals, Sim !. El dibuix magnífic i el teu missatge, que encara ho es més !.
    Que tot et vagi molt bé !. Salut :)

  3. This is stunning, Sim, and I'm delighted to see you here again (even if short-lived!). Sending you a world of appreciation for who you are, my friend. xoxox